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June 10, 2014

Episode 170: Manhunter (1986)

Special Guests: Tom Noonan, Chris Elliott, Adam Resnick, Jonathan Rayner

Have you ever seen blood in the moonlight? It appears quite black...

Michael Mann's Manhunter was a stylish serial killer film that has proved influential for decades. Other than being known as the first film appearance from Hannibal Lecter (a sublime Brian Cox), Manhunter helped give rise to the crime procedural ("C.S.I.", "Criminal Minds", "True Detective", etc.).

We talked to Tom Noonan about his role as Francis Dollarhyde along with Chris Elliott (and Adam Resnick) about his early appearances in mainstream films. We also discuss the cinema of Michael Mann with Professor Jonathan Rayner.

Our guest co-host is the mysterious Mister X; we discuss the entire "Hannibal Lec(k)tor Legacy".

Listen / Download Now:
Mike was a guest on the Kulturecaset where Chris Stachiw and John Lein discussed the disjointed Hannibal Franchise.

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Recovering the Mindset from Matthew Morettini on Vimeo.


  1. Great podcast guys! I bought the most complete Manhunter DVD I could find (Anchor Bay) and watched it with Michael Mann's commentary. Manhunter in any version is superior to the 2002 Red Dragon. I remember reading at that time that Dino had lost money on Manhunter in 1986, and passed on Silence of the Lambs, so was unable to capitalize on that films success until 2002, when He signed Anthony Hopkins to reprise Lector.

  2. It was exciting to spend over 3 hours with this great episode, this is why I follow you guys! Manhunter is one of my all time favorites and all in all I'm a big fan of Michael Mann's work, it's great to see Manhunter getting the appreciation that it deserves!

    1. Frank and JJ,

      Thanks for the kind words and checking in. I have the Special Edition of the film and I think we were able to add to what's out there - especially that Chris Elliott stuff that was off the wall but also really interesting.

      Glad to know what our conversations connect!

      Let folks know about us who might dig it.



    2. The Manhunter poster at the top of this page... Every time I look at it I think "They made Dollarhyde look like Colonel Kurtz." The low-angle close-up and half-shadowed face.

  3. Excellent episode. Thanks for playing the Manhunter sequences back to back with Red Dragon. I barely remember my 2002 viewing of RD, such an unremarkable film I would not want to revisit myself. Thank you for re-enduring Red Dragon for your listeners' sake!

    1. J.P.,

      HAHA! That's what we are here for - we torture ourselves so you don't have to! ;)


      Rob St. Mary
      co-host of "The Projection Booth"

      PS: I agree with you about the "Kurtz" look. "THE HORROR! THE HORROR!"

  4. I actually saw Shriekback live once?! They were supporting Simple Minds back in the 'Don't You Forget About Me' era...