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March 25, 2014

Episode 159: Toto le Heros (1991)

Special Guests: Jaco Van Dormael
Guest Co-Host: Marcelline Block

Thomas feels like his life was stolen from him when he was switched at birth. He lives a life of quiet desperation and fantasy as Toto le Heros. Writer/director Jaco Van Dormael gives us Thomas's life, the reality and the fantasy. This 1991 film along with his 1995 film, The 8th Day, paved the way to his 2009 science fiction epic Mr. Nobody.

We talk about all three films with Marcelline Block, the co-editor of the World Cinema series, including the latest volume on Belgium film.

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E PERICOLOSO SPORGERSI from Terra Incognita on Vimeo.

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