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January 7, 2014

Episode 148: Zardoz (1974)

Special Guest: Brian Hoyle
Guest Co-Hosts: Josh Johnson

Ever want to see Sean Connery wearing a red diaper? Then look no further than John Boorman's Zardoz (1974), a political allegory with nods to The Wizard of Oz.

We're joined by our old friend, Josh Johnson, director of Rewind This.

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Bonus Interview with Brian Holye:

"Zardoz" - Kosma
"Running From Zardoz" - Tzu
"Decline and Fall" - Flesh for Lulu



  1. Waaattt? No comments for Zardoz? I love this episode. More people should listen to it.

    Apathetic or Renegade? Make your choice.

  2. I am Arthur Frayn, and I am Zardoz.
    I have lived 300 years and I long to die,
    but death is no longer possible
    I am immortal.
    I present now my story,
    full of mystery and intrigue,
    rich in irony and most satirical.
    It is set deep in a possible future,
    so none of these events has been occurred
    But they may
    Be warned, lest you end as I

  3. For a long time, the choice of the orange "diaper" and bandolier eluded me. Then, it came to me. Google: buddhist monk--images. Mystery solved.