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October 29, 2013

Episode 138: The Devil in Miss Jones (1973)

Special Guest: Georgina Spelvin, Gerard Damiano Jr.
Guest Co-Host: Jill Nelson

The Devil in Miss Jones was written, directed and produced by Gerard Damiano and stars Georgina Spelvin. It is widely regarded as a classic adult film, released during the Golden Age of Porn.

Author Jill Nelson joins us again for a discussion of The Devil in Miss Jones and its myriad sequels.

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  1. Kudos on another sterling podcast, Mike, Rob and guest host Jill Nelson. I love it when you give these Golden Age adult films the serious study they deserve, like your podcasts on Nightdreams, Raw Talent, A Scent of Heather, et.al. I've given all of them 2nd and 3rd listens. I appreciate your nod to The Rialto Report, a rich source of information re the Golden Age. Your 2 podcasts complement each other on this topic. Great Work!

    1. Thanks, Frank!

      Glad you dig the show and the ones looking at quality adult film - something I think the culture has overlooked and doesn't give the proper respect.

      Speaking of, I was chatting with Mike recently about how there should be a campaign started among reviews, podcasters, film companies and fans to push for the inclusion of key adult films from this era into the National Film Registry. As I talk about on this episode, you can't tell me that "Deep Throat" doesn't meet the standards put in place for the collection in the Library of Congress. Would you, and others, be interested in promoting and helping with such a campaign?

      Let us know!

      Rob St. Mary
      co-host of "The Projection Booth"