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July 2, 2013

Episode 121: Death Race 2000 (1975)

Celebrate your independence with this most American of our national sports, the Death Race!

We're joined this week by Adam Spiegelman of the Proudly Resents and Dream Tweet podcasts to talk about this 1975 Paul Bartel film about a murderous cross-continental road race.

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Read Ib Melchior's The Racer
Buy The Driver's Guide to Hitting Pedestrians by Andersen Prunty

Listen/Download Now:

"Ecoute Cette Priere" - La Muerte
"Death Race 2000" - The Glendas



  1. I've STILL not seen Death Race 2000, even though the description of it got me very jazzed as a kid. It sounded like a less-bleak Mad Max, or something. Or perhaps just the same. You've certainly motivated me to finally try and track it down, anyway!

    I also really like the titular song by The Glendas you play at the end... a nice bit of lo-fi garage rock there! Shame there's little trace of them on the web.

    All the best! x

  2. Yeah, the violence is not just the about the Vietnam War, when thinking about other grim future movies like this you have to think about the rising inner city crime rates all over the country at this time and also left-wing radical violence like the weather underground, black panthers, the thing with patty hurst, the attica prison riots. Also there was a spat of plane hijackings and other terrorist violence. The 70s was a really crazy scary time and it made a lot of people think that it was only going to get worse.