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September 6, 2012

Special Report: QWERTY (2012)

The Projection Booth: Special Report: QWERTYSpecial Guests: Bill Sebastian & Nat Dykeman

Words become the catalyst for romance in Chicago-set QWERTY, when two reclusive rejects recognize the rebel in each other. Told against the backdrop of competitive word games and a dysfunctional Illinois DMV office, the two loners make a shaky stand against the world, with Marty teetering on the brink of suicide and shy Zoe competing for the National Scrabble Championship.

Join Rob & Mike from the Projection Booth podcast as they host the inaugural cult movie night at the newly renovated Maple Theater. They’re bringing QWERTY to the Maple, a quirky indie flick about love and Scrabble that has played at film festivals in Nashville, Dallas, Seattle, and Kansas City. See the film Roger Ebert calls QWERTY "charming, winning and sweet."

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Music Used This Episode:
"Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love" by They Might Be Giants
"Slow Down Chicago" by Canasta

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