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September 13, 2012

Special Report: Detropia (2012)

Special Guests: Heidi Ewing, Florent Tillon, Philip Lauri

Continuing our coverage of Detroit this week, we're looking at the new documentary Detropia as well as some other Detroit-centric documentaries, including Detroit Wild City and After the Factory.

Listen to the first part of our coverage as we talk about Detroit 9000.

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Detropia kicks off the Michigan Theater's Motor City Movies series

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1 comment:

  1. Having recently watched part of Detropia, I was curious to hear a Detroit perspective on the film. I was delighted to find a lot more to this episode than that. It would be interesting to hear a follow-up episode about what has happened in Detroit during the last five years. A revival was alluded to during the interview with Ted Raimi.

    Considering recent events in American politics, the issues brought up in this episode are more relevant than ever. Sadly, it does not seem like any solutions have been found.

    A Long-time Listener