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January 11, 2012

Episode 45: Static (1985)

Special Guest: Keith Gordon

A quirky little film from Mark Romanek and Keith Gordon, Static (1985) tells the tale of Ernie Blick, an inventor whose latest creation will revolutionize the world.

This week's co-host, Chris Cummins, the Philadelphia-based writer who frequently contributes to Topless Robot, Geekadelphia, and Cashiers du Cinemart.

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Interview Outtakes:
Here Keith Gordon talks about some of his films coming out on Blu-Ray and the project he's doing with Chris Nolan.



  1. Spooky! I discovered your blog via the interview you did with the guys on their Infiltrating Hollywood - The Spook Who Sat Next Door documentary when I noticed you had done a podcast on Static. I was just about to tell you I had posted the film on YT but you beat me to it!

    One of the most under-rated films of the eighties without a doubt. The reason I posted in YT is simple, the link to the DVD for sale on Amazon is a very bad VHS pirate copy transferred to DVD selling for $22-23! This rip is actually better in my opinion. The only bad news is YT has blocked it in some countries (not sure which ones, guessing USA because of the soundtrack!) so its either a proxy route or do a torrent search.

    I hope Keith Gordon is cool with this, if he comes across this post and isn't for any reasob just msg me at my YT account and I will take it down straight away. My intention isn't to make money but to save an incredible film from the memory hole until a DVD proper emerges.

  2. Looks like someone else extended copyright on it. :(