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December 20, 2011

Episode 42: Electra Glide in Blue (1973)

Electra Glide in BlueSpecial Guests: Rupert Hitzig, Bob Boris

A motorcycle cop (Robert Blake) with a code of honor can't make it in the turbulent early '70s. That's the story of Electra Glide in Blue but The Projection Booth has the real story... or stories... of what went on behind the scenes.

Joining the action this week is Josh Johnson of Rewind This! A VHS Love Story.

BTW, Alan Ladd and William Bendix's first film together was The Glass Key.

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  1. Trivia Note: During this podcast, one of the screenwriters mentioned that this film was sparked by the funeral of an Arizona motorcycle patrolman who was shot off his motorcyle and killed by a man firing from the rear window of a camper. This became the stunning end sequence for Electra Glide in Blue. I looked for, and found a description of the incident that became the seed for this film.


    Patrolman Albert Bluhm, RIP.

  2. Trivia Note: Here is a link to one of the 1973 ads for Electra Glide in Blue, that the screenwriter Boris and fired Director Hitzig commented on with such derison. Robert Blake apparently wasn't too pleased either. No Beret, riding crop, or riding pants visible in this add, but it's The Village Voice, not the N.Y. Times.