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November 23, 2011

Episode 38: The Woman Chaser (1999)

Episode 38: The Woman Chaser (1999) The Woman ChaserSpecial Guests: Robinson Devor, Joe McSpadden & Patrick Warburton
Guest Co-Host: Paul Freitag

Mike and guest commentator Paul Freitag discuss the overlooked and underrated film adaptation of Charles Willeford's psychotic look at the movie industry through the eyes of used car salesman Richard Hudson (a pitch-perfect Patrick Warburton); The Woman Chaser was the toast of the 1999 indie movie scene.

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The Woman Chaser from Robinson Devor on Vimeo.


  1. See above where it says "Download the Woman Chaser Soundtrack" or here's the link:


  2. I enjoyed your info and take on the film and the interviews with the movie principals.