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August 18, 2011

Special Report: Fright Night (1985)

Special Guest: Tom Holland

Extra! Extra! Listen Up! Mike and Mondo Justin bring you a bonus show! The guys discuss the original Fright Night and the new 2011 re-imagining. In addition, Justin chats with writer and director of the 1985 vampire classic -- Tom Holland.

Bill Fulkerson from the Outside The Cinema podcast visits the show to discuss the film(s) as well.

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  1. Usually, it's Mondo Justin who utters some unspeakable evil that boggles the brain. But on this episode, it was the usually thoughtful Mike White himself who broke my heart with his heretical assertion that he prefers the Dawn of the Dead remake to the original!

    And as for Bill Fulkerson from Outside The Cinema...

    Until listening to him speak, I didn't know it was possible to disagree with EVERY syllable that comes out of someone's mouth. I guess that podcast isn't for me. In fact, weirdly, the only one making sense on this show was Mondo Justin himself - until the three of them got around to picking their top five favourite vampire movies of all time, that is. Mike White redeemed himself (a little) with his selections but clearly the other two are lost causes.

    All that nuttiness aside, I have to say, in this day and age, it seems rather unseemly to listen to grown men talk about 'remakes.' And the reason is, I don't believe the remakes are targeted at fans old enough to have a connection with the originals. Obviously not, as the experience of seeing them is almost always underwhelming, if not disheartening.

    No, I have to believe the core, 'bread and butter' audience skews to a younger demographic, one with only a passing understanding of the property as a previously proven franchise. With that in mind, I think the only dignified thing for people of a certain age to do is to try to ignore them.

    But amidst all the sound and fury of this episode, there's a brilliant little interview with Fright Night director himself, the one and only Tom Holland. I love listening to the man speak about his craft. He's such an engaging, knowledgeable and immensely talented character.

    1. I stand by my statement and still prefer the remake of Dawn of the Dead.