August 19, 2020

Episode 481: All That Jazz (1979)

Special Guests: Alan Heim, Keith Gordon, Deborah Geffner
Guest Co-Hosts: Emma Westwood, David Kittredge

It's showtime, folks! On this episode we're talking about Bob Fosse's 1979 film All That Jazz. It’s definitely not an autobiographical picture about a choreographer slash director (Roy Scheider) who's working on his previous film about a groundbreaking stand-up comedian (Cliff Gorman) while rehearsing his next Broadway sensation. It's definitely not about Fosse facing down the specter of mortality and expressing it the best way he knows how.

David Kittredge and Emma Westwood join Mike to discuss the film. Interviews include editor Alan Heim, actress Deborah Geffner, and our old friend Keith Gordon.

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Original Soundtrack - Various Artists
"Bye Bye Life" - Ben Vereen & Roy Scheider


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