April 23, 2019

Episode 413: M (1931)

Guest Co-Hosts: Samm Deighan, Jamey Duvall

Fritz Lang's M (1931) is the story of a child murderer (Peter Lorre) in Berlin during the last years of the Weimar Republic. When the police fail to capture the terror of Berlin it's up to the criminal underworld to do the job.

Movie Geeks United's Jamey Duvall and Daughter of Darkness's Samm Deighan (author of the new Devil's Advocates book on M) discuss the original film, Joseph Losey's tepid remake and the impact of M on serial killer films overall.

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"In the Hall of the Mountain King" - Neeme Järvi, Göteborgs Symfoniker


April 18, 2019

Guest Spot: Ozploitation on Kulturecast

It's the return of "Mike White March" on the Kulturecast with a look at four Ozploitation films.

Stone (1974):

The Man from Hong Kong:

Mad Dog Morgan:

Money Movers:

Episode 412: The Passover Plot (1976)

Guest Co-Hosts: Spencer Parsons, Chris Bricklemyer

Just in time for Easter, we get passionate about a film with a very inflammatory title, The Passover Plot (1976). Directed by Michael Campus (The Mack, Z.P.G.), the film is loosely based upon the controversial book by . It stars Zalman King as Jesus, Scott Wilson as Judas, and Donald Pleasence as Pontius Pilate, and co-produced by Menahem Golan.

Spencer Parsons and Chris Bricklemyer join Mike to discuss various passion plays, Jens Jørgen Thorsen's The Return (AKA Jesus vender tilbage), and more.

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"Heaven On Your Minds" - Terry Wallace And His Interstellar Moog Sounds
"King Herod's Song" - Christo Graham
"Superstar" - Minoru Terada


April 17, 2019

Special Report: Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché (2018)

Special Guests: Pamela S. Green

On this special episode, Mike talks with filmmaker Pamela B. Green about her documentary film Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché (2018), a look at an under-discussed pioneering female filmmaker.

Visit the official movie website
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Buy The Memoirs of Alice Guy Blache
Buy Alice Guy Blaché: Lost Visionary of the Cinema by Alison McMahan
Buy Alice Guy Blaché: Cinema Pioneer
Buy Illuminating Moments: The Films of Alice Guy Blaché by Janelle Dietrick
Buy Lights! Camera! Alice!: The Thrilling True Adventures of the First Woman Filmmaker by Mara Rockliff
Buy A Feminist Reader in Early Cinema

"Song For Alice" - Paul Weller

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Be Natural : The Untold Story Of Alice Guy-Blaché TRAILER#1 from Be Natural on Vimeo.

April 15, 2019

Special Report: The Age of Disenchantments

Special Guest: Aaron Shulman

On this special episode, Mike talks to author Aaron Shulman about his book The Age of Disenchantments: The Epic Story of Spain's Most Notorious Literary Family and the Long Shadow of the Spanish Civil War and the documentary El Desencanto (Jaime Chávarri, 1976). Both the book and the movie deal with the Paneros of Madrid, Spain -- a fascinatingly dysfunctional family.

Read The Poet Family Who Were Icons of Spanish Nationalism by Amanda Vaill
Read 4 Film Series to Catch in N.Y.C. This Weekend by Ben Kenigsberg

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"Desencanto" - Roberto Lemos
"Desencanto" - Larry Harlow


April 10, 2019

Episode 411: American Tiger (1989)

Guest Co-Hosts: Kat Ellinger, Cullen Gallagher

Miami just got a lot hotter...

Also called American risciò or American Rickshaw Sergio Martino’s American Tiger (1989 ) is the story of Scott Edwards (Olympic champion Mitch Gaylord) a rickshaw driver in Miami, Florida who becomes embroiled in a supernatural mystery involving VHS tapes, Asian mysticism, Jonestown, and the dark lord Satan himself.

Cullen Gallagher and Kat Ellinger (All the Colours of Sergio Martino) join Mike to try and unravel this delightfully bizarre film.

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"Little Rickshaw Boy" - Upper Crust
"'B' Gas Rickshaw" - The Raybeats


April 4, 2019

Episode 410: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

Special Guest: Gary K. Wolf
Guest Co-Hosts: Chris Stachiw, Axel Kohagen

Directed by Robert Zemeckis, Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) is based very loosely on a book by . It tells the tale of hard-boiled detective Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) who gets hired by the head of a movie studio, R.K. Maroon, to take some photos of our titular Roger Rabbit’s wife (Kathleen Turner) playing patty cake with the head of a place called Toontown. Produced by Steven Spielberg, it’s a story of intrigue, murder, and animation.

Chris Stachiw (Kuture Shocked) and Axel Kohagen (Super True Stories) join Mike to discuss the film, the proposed sequel, and Gary K. Wolf's original book.

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Buy Who P-P-P-Plugged Roger Rabbit by Gary K. Wolf
Buy Who Whacked Roger Rabbit by Gary K. Wolf
Read Ten Things You Didn't Know about Roger Rabbit
Listen to the We Hate Movies episode about The Happytime Murders

"Powerhouse" - Raymond Scott
"The Penguin" - Raymond Scott
"Girl at a Typewriter" - Raymond Scott


April 3, 2019

Guest Spots: Eraserhead & Taxi Driver on Wake Up Heavy

I was recently a guest -- twice! -- on Mark Begley's Wake Up Heavy podcast to discuss two of my favorite films, < David Lynch's Eraserhead () and Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver.

I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed talking about them.

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