September 18, 2019

Special Report: D. Harlan Wilson on J.G. Ballard

D. Harlan Wilson discusses his book from the University of Illinois Press, J.G. Ballard. Part of the Masters of Modern Science Fiction series, Prof. Wilson provides a look at Ballard's literary career as well as some of the adaptations of his work for the cinema.

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"Down In The Park" - Gary Numan
"Atrocity Exhibition" - Joy Division
"High Rise" - Hawkwind


Episode 433: The Joke (1969)

Guest Co-Hosts: Kat Ellinger, Spencer Parsons

Czechtember 2019 continues with a look at Jaromil Jireš’s The Joke . Shot in 1968 and released in 1969, the film was adapted by Jires and , the author of the book of the same name. It tells the tale of Ludvik (Josef Somr) who was ousted from the Communist party after the youthful indiscretion of making a joke. He spends the rest of his life feeling the effects of this including hatching a plan for revenge on the university student who ousted him that takes 15 years to fulfill.

Spencer Parsons and Kat Ellinger join Mike to discuss the film and how it resonates in today's world.

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"I Started a Joke" - Faith No More
"Laugh Laugh" - The Beau Brummels


September 15, 2019

Special Report: Ego Fest 8

On this Ego Fest, Mike talks about the 2020 schedule, gets some advice which he quickly ignores, and answers some listener questions.

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"Shake Ya Ass" (Mystikal) – Richard Cheese
"Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow" - Sammy Davis Jr.
"Eighties" - Killing Joke


September 11, 2019

Episode 432: The Ear (1970)

Guest Co-Hosts: Ben Buckingham, Martin Kessler

One of the casualties of the Warsaw Pack invasion, Karel Kachyna's The Ear (1970) was locked away for twenty years. It's a tale of a night after a political purge where our main characters -- Ludvic (Radoslav Brzobohatý) and Anna (Jirina Bohdalová) -- argue while learning that they’ve become the subject of government surveillance.

Martin Kessler and Ben Buckingham join Mike to discuss this study in paranoia.

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"Somebody's Watching Me" - Rockwell


September 9, 2019

Special Report: Jeffrey Combs on Nevermore

Special Guests: Jeffrey Combs

On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks to Jeffrey Combs about his one man play Nevermore, an evening with Edgar Allan Poe.

Mr. Combs will be performing the play at the Sleepy Hollow Film Festival on Saturday October 12 2019. Find out more at The Sleepy Hollow Film Festival website.

"The Raven" - The Alan Parsons Project
"William Wilson" - The Smithereens

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September 8, 2019

Special Report: More American Graffiti (1979)

Special Guests: Bill Norton, Candy Clark Willard Huyck
Guest Co-Hosts: Terry Frost, Trevor Gumbel

Released in 1979, Bill Norton's More American Graffiti reunites most of the original cast of George Lucas's 1973 film (save Richard Dreyfus). Rather than looking at a single night, the film spans four New Years Eves across the lives of five main characters.

00:02:08: Terry Frost and Trevor Gumbel join Mike to discuss American Graffiti and More American Graffiti.

00:45:55: Writer/Director Bill Norton
01:26:43: Actress Candy Clark
01:51:11: Co-writer of American Graffiti

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Buy American Graffiti on Blu-Ray

"Season of he Witch" - Donovan
"96 Tears" - ? and the Mysterians
"Hang on Sloopy" - The McCoys
"Pipeline" - The Chantays


September 4, 2019

Episode 431: End of August at the Hotel Ozone (1967)

Guest Co-Hosts: Rahne Alexander, Kat Ellinger

We're kicking off Czechtember 2019 with a look at Jan Schmidt's End of August at the Ozone Hotel (AKA Konec srpna v Hotelu Ozon). Released in 1967 the film is another in a collaboration between Schmidt and screenwriter (who we discussed on our Case for a Rookie Hangman episode. Jurácek wrote the screenplay which has a group of women trying to survive in the post nuclear apocalypse. The film moves at a slow but determined pace and should not be viewed if you’re sensitive to animal cruelty.

Kat Ellinger and Rahne Alexander join Mike to discuss the film as well as some other "quiet apocalypse" movies.

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"Škoda lásky" - Unknown


September 2, 2019

Special Report: The Power of Grayskull (2017)

Special Guest: Randall Lobb

On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks to Randall Lobb, the co-director of Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2017). They discuss some of Lobb's other projects which include documentaries on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and Conan.

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"Moonlight Cruisers" - Skeletor
"He-Man" (Full Theme) - Shuki Levi, Haim Saban, Erika Lane