July 17, 2019

Episode 424: Krull (1983)

Special Guests: Peter Suschitzky
Guest Co-Hosts: Samm Deighan, Noel Thingvall

Released in 1983, Krull was directed by Peter Yates and written by . The film stars Ken Marshall as Colwyn, a somewhat brash young warrior who is betrothed to Lysette Anthony as Lyssa. The two are to form an alliance between two kingdoms -- to unite their armies in hopes of defeating The Beast and his Slayers, ruthless extra terrestrials bent on taking over their world. But when their wedding is crashed, Lyssa is taken and Corwyn has to lead a rag tag group to rescue her.

Noel Thingvall and Samm Deighan join Mike to discuss the storied production of Krull as well as other fantasy films of the early '80s including The BeastMaster, Dragonslayer, Willow, Legend and more.

This episode features the second half of our interview with cinematographer Peter Sushitzky.

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Krull Soundtrack - James Horner


July 10, 2019

Episode 425: It Happened Here (1964)

Special Guest: Peter Suschitzky
Guest Co-Hosts: Wynter Tyson, Caelum Vatnsdal

and Andrew Mollo's It Happened Here (1964) tells the story of Pauline (Pauline Murray), a nurse who lives in a world where the Nazis took over the UK during World War II. At first she goes along with the rule of the Reich until she witnesses -- and unwittingly participates in -- their cruelty, prompting her to join the British Resistance.

Wynter Tyson and Caelum Vatnsdal join Mike to discuss alternate histories, Sinclair Lewis's It Can't Happen Here, and when fascist aliens took over the United States.

This episode features the first part of our interview with cinematographer Peter Suschitzky.

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"Bring Me Edelweiss" - Edelweiss


July 3, 2019

Episode 423: Annihilation (2018)

Guest Co-Hosts: Tony Black, Chris Stachiw

Writer/director Alex Garland's Annihilation (2018) stars Natalie Portman as Lena, a biologist, who has lost her husband to a place called Area X. She is a part of a team that goes into Area X, perhaps in search of answers, or for something more.

Tony Black and Chris Stachiw join Mike to discuss the film, 's Southern Reach trilogy, and more.

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"Helplessly Hoping" - Crosby, Stills, & Nash


June 26, 2019

Episode 421: Belladonna of Sadness (1973)

Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain, Kat Ellinger

Released in 1973, Eiichi Yamamoto’s Belladonna of Sadness is the animated story of Jeanne (Aiko Nagayama) and Jean (Katsuyuki Itô), two poor young people in France during the Middle Ages who get married. However, when the Jean can’t pay the local ruler ten cows in tribute for their wedding, the ruler decides to take his payment out of Jeanne via by deflowering her. This sets the tone for the film and our young couple’s relationship.

Hell's Belles co-hosts Heather Drain and Kat Ellinger join Mike to discuss 's Satanism and Witchcraft, feminism, and living deliciously.

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Read The Animerama Trilogy: Psychedelic Smut and a Belladonna of Sadness by David Bertrand

"Funny Feeling" - Masahiko Sato


June 19, 2019

Episode 420: But I'm a Cheerleader (1999)

Special Guest: Jamie Babbit
Guest Co-Hosts: Joshua Grannell, Cassandra Baker

Released in 1999 Jamie Babbit’s But I'm a Cheerleader stars Natasha Lyonne as Megan, the titular cheerleader who seems to have some very “unnatural urges” according to her parents, teachers, and friends. She's sent to a camp where she gets re-educated in the ways of heterosexuality and proper gender roles.

Joshua Grannell and Cassandra Baker join Mike to discuss But I'm a Cheerleader as well as 2018's duo of conversion therapy films, Boy Erased and The Miseducation of Cameron Post.

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"Laisse Tomber Les Filles" - France Gall


June 12, 2019

Episode 419: Minority Report (2002)

Special Guest: Scott Frank
Guest Co-Hosts: Corinne Luz, Tim Luz

We conclude the second part of our conversation about adaptations with a conversation about Minority Report (2002). Believe it or not but this is the first time we’ve directly discussed a film directed by Steven Spielberg on the show! The film stars Tom Cruise as John Anderton, the chief of the country’s first pre-crime division where he and his team arrest people before they commit the crimes prognosticated by a trio of psychics. When the psychics pick him as the perpetrator of an impending murder, Anderton begins to question the validity of the pre-crime system.

Tim and Corinne Luz of the Cinemaspection podcast join Mike to discuss the film. Screenwriter talks about his work on the film as well as his work on The Wolverine, Logan, The Lookout, Hoke, and more.

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June 4, 2019

Episode 418: Total Recall (1990)

Special Guest: Gary L. Goldman
Guest Co-Hosts: Jedidiah Ayres, Rob St. Mary

We’re kicking off back to back discussions of adaptations with a look at 1990's Total Recall. Directed by Paul Verhoeven, the film spent years in turnaround until was attached and got the thing made. It's the story of a common construction worker who dreams of life on Mars. When he learns of a procedure that can implant memories of being on Mars, things get a little complicated.

Rob St. Mary and Jedidiah Ayres join Mike to discuss the complicated road which Total Recall took to get to the silver screen as well as the wretched Len Wiseman remake and the strange television spin-off. Screenwriter reveals how he helped shape the film to make it the success it ultimately became.

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Original Score - Jerry Goldsmith
"Total Recall: The Musical (Mountains of Mars" - Jon and Al


May 28, 2019

Episode 417: Emperor of the North Pole (1973)

Guest Co-Hosts: Cullen Gallagher, Noel Thingvall

Based loosely on the writings of and , Robert Aldrich's Emperor of the North Pole 1973 tells the story of two hobos in the American Northwest during the Great Depression -- A Number One (Lee Marvin) and Cigaret (Keith Carradine). The two have a very uneasy relationship with one another and a completely antagonistic relationship with Shack (Ernest Borgnine), a railwayman who doesn’t want any freeloaders on his train.

Noel Thingvall and Cullen Gallagher join Mike to discuss riding the rails, Robert Aldrich, and much more.

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Buy Ernie: The Autobiography by Ernest Borgnine

"A Man and a Train" - Marty Robbins