August 13, 2020

Special Report: Morgana (2019)

Special Guests: Josie Hess, Isabel Peppard, Morgana Muses
Guest Co-Hosts: Lisa Vandever, Kevin Heffernan

On this special episode of The Projection Booth we're discussing the film from co-directors Josie Hess and Isabel Peppard, Morgana (2019). It's the story of Morgana Muses, a former housewife who found her path to self expression and fulfillment via making personal, often very adult, films.

Lisa Vandever and Kevin Heffernan join Mike to talk about this powerful documentary.

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"Lessons In Love (Instrumental)" - Lords of Acid
"Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Instrumental)" - Smashing Pumpkins


August 12, 2020

Episode 480: Enemy Mine (1985)

Special Guests: Barry Longyear, Richard Loncraine, Edward Khmara
Guest Co-Hosts: Corinne Luz, Tim Luz

We’re discussing the 1985 film from Wolfgang Petersen, Enemy Mine. Based on a novella by , the film stars Dennis Quaid as Davidge and Lou Gossett Jr. as Jerry. The two are of different races -- one human, one drac -- who find themselves stranded on a hostile world.

Corine and Tim Luz from the Cinemaspection podcast join Mike to discuss the odd journey of Enemy Mine from novella to finished film including the initial work by original director Richard Loncraine.

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Enemy Mine Soundtrack - Maurice Jarre
"Enemy Mine" - The Blackeyed Susans


August 10, 2020

Special Report: Suzi Q (2019)

Special Guests: Suzi Quatro, Liam Firmager, Tait Brady
Guest Co-Hosts: Maurice Bursztynski, Leon Chase

In a special cross-over with the See/Hear Podcast, we're discussing Suzi Q (2019), a documentary from Liam Firmager about Detroit's own Suzi Quatro, who left the States early in her career and became more of a rock star in the UK and Australia while not charting as high as she should in her home country. She became known more in the U.S. thanks to her many appearances on Happy Days as the character Leather Tuscadero. The film looks at her career overall, showing what a wild ride it’s been.

Leon Chase and Maurice Bursztynski join Mike to talk about the documentary, Quatro, and more.

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"Gotta Get Away" - The Pleasure Seekers
"Girl From Detroit City" - Suqi Quatro
"Can the Can' - Suzi Quatro
"Devil Gate Drive" - Suzi Quatro
"Daytona Demon" - Suzi Quatro


August 5, 2020

Episode 479: Runaway (1984)

Guest Co-Hosts: Carol Borden, Josh Stewart

We are looking at the 1984 film from writer/director Michael Crichton, Runaway. It’s the tale of Jack Ramsay (Tom Selleck) a member of the Runaway unit who takes care of errant robots. He’s a single dad with a son and a robot at home and a new partner on his team, Karen Thompson (Cynthia Rhodes). He’s put on a case which leads him to the dastardly Luther (Gene Simmons).

Carol Borden (The Cultural Gutter) and Josh Stewart join Mike to discuss this quasi-futuristic tale.

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July 30, 2020

Special Report: Commando (1985)

Guest Co-Hosts: Ti Singh, Chris Stachiw

On this special episode of The Projection Booth we’re looking at the 1985 film from director Mark L. Lester, Commando. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger at PEAK Schwarzenegger. The film really defines '80s action movies -- hyper violence, a killer soundtrack, and corny one-liners. The only things missing are gay panic and a good dose of misogyny.

Ti Singh (In Search of the Last Action Heroes) and Chris Stachiw (The Kulturecast) join Mike to discuss action films, Schwarzenegger, the unmade sequel, the Russian remake, and more.

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Interview with Vernon Wells:
Listen to "Special Report: Vernon Wells" on Spreaker.

Interview with Bill Duke:
Listen to "Special Report: Bill Duke" on Spreaker.

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"Matrix Walks in the Terminal" - James Horner
"We Fight For Love" - The Power Station
"Commando: The Musical" - Jon and Al Kaplan


July 29, 2020

Episode 478: The Lion Has Seven Heads (1970)

Guest Co-Hosts: Chris Stachiw, Heather Drain

We conclude Cinema Novo month with a look at Glauber Rocha's The Lion Has Seven Heads (1970) though, this movie seems to be post-Cinema Novo and wasn’t even made in Brazil. Instead, this film was made after Rocha was exiled from Brazil and shot in Brazzaville in the Democratic Republic of Congo along with help from French and Italian producers. If there's one thing I know less about South American history it’s African History and this movie really shows that the struggles of indigenous people against colonizing powers is the same everywhere.

Chris Stachiw and Heather Drain join Mike to try and parse this incredibly dense film.

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Song from "The Lion Has Seven Heads"


July 23, 2020

Special Report: Better Off Dead (1985)

Special Guests: Diane Franklin, Savage Steve Holland, Curtis Armstrong
Guest Co-Hosts: Mike "McBeardo" McPadden, Jess Byard

On this special episode we're discussing Better Off Dead (1985) from writer/director Savage Steve Holland. The film stars John Cusack as Lane Myer, a high school student obsessed with his girlfriend, Beth (Amanda Wyss). When Beth breaks up with him -- throwing Lane over for Roy Stalin (Aaron Dozier), a jock douchebag who can ski the most dangerous mountain around -- Lane attempts suicide several times... like you do in a good comedy.

Jess Byard and Mike "McBeardo" McPadden, author of Teen Movie Hell, join Mike to discuss the film and its fast follow-up, One Crazy Summer.

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"Race the K-12" - Rupert Hine
"A Little Luck" - E.G. Daily
"Everybody Wants Some" - Van Halen
"One Way Love (Better Off Dead)" - E.G. Daily


July 22, 2020

Episode 477: Macunaíma (1969)

Guest Co-Hosts: David Kittredge, Chris Stachiw

Cinema Novo month continues with a look at Joaquim Pedro de Andrade's Macunaíma (1969). Based on the 1928 Modernist novel of the same name by (no relation).

Some see the Cinema Novo movement ending around 1967 while others say that it simply entered another phase. Regardless, Macunaíma is unlike any other movie we’ve discussed this month so far and it might be in the running as a favorite film overall. It’s wild, colorful, and filled with enough subtext to choke a horse.

Chris Stachiw and David Kittredge join Mike to discuss this wild tale of jungle and urban life in Brazil in 1969.

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"Macunaima" - Iara Rennó