May 20, 2020

Episode 468: Le Corbeau (1943)

Special Guest: Judith Mayne
Guest Co-Hosts: Ken Stanley, Kat Ellinger

French Month continues with a look at Henri-Georges Clouzot's Le Corbeau. Also known as The Raven, the film was released in 1943 and made by Continental Films, a German company operated in France during World War II. It’s the story of the small town of Saint Robin which is plagued by a poison pen letter writer who torments citizens with scandalous details of their lives, turning people against one another and casting a net of suspicion across the entire region.

Special guest Judith Mayne (The Woman at the Keyhole) discusses Occupation Cinema in general and Le Corbeau in particular. Kat Ellinger and Ken Stanley help Mike unpack this incredibly fascinating film.

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"Party Line" - Government Issue
"Poison Pen" - Bauhaus
"Dirty Laundry" - Don Henley


May 18, 2020

Special Report: Time Warped - The Greatest Cult Films of All Time (2020)

Special Guests: Paul Fishbein, Danny Wolf, Edwin Neal
Guest Co-Hosts: Chris Stachiw, Rod Lott

On this special episode of The Projection Booth we look at a new series called Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time. Directed by Danny Wolf and produced by Paul Fishbein, the title might tip you off that this is a documentary about cult movies with an audacious title and scope.

Rod Lott and Chris Stachiw join Mike to discuss ambitious 5 1/2 hour, 3 part series.

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Read What Makes Cult Movies So Irresistible? by Donald Liebenson
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"Strange Movies" - The Troggs


May 13, 2020

Episode 467: Last Year at Marienbad (1961)

Guest Co-Hosts: Samm Deighan, Jim Vendiola

French Month continues with a look at Alain Renais's Last Year at Marienbad (1961). Based on a script by , the film tells the tale of three characters, M, A, and X, as they wander the halls and grounds of a vast hotel in Marienbad. What are their relationships? What are they doing in Marienbad? How does this film take apart everything that we think we know about narrative storytelling? We do absolutely nothing to answer those questions.

Samm Deighan and Jim Vendiola join Mike to discuss this challenging film.

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"I Walk Along Darkened Corridors" - They Might Be Giants
"I Remember It Well" - Maurice Chevalier & Hermione Gingold
"Last Year at Marienbad" - Parralox
"Final" - Francis Seyrig


May 6, 2020

Episode 466: Le Doulos (1962)

Guest Co-Hosts: Samm Deighan, Ken Stanley

We kick off French Month with a look at Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Doulos (1962). The second of his several and seminal gangster films, Le Doulos is the story of two men -- Silien (Jean-Paul Belmondo) and Faugel (Serge Reggiani). They are denizens of the underworld where loyalty and honor are everything. When a burglary Faugel has planned goes awry he thinks that it’s Silien who set him up. Is Silien the titular "Doulos," an informer?

Samm Deighan and Ken Stanley join Mike to wax fondly about Jean-Pierre Melville and his rich career.

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"Le Doulos" - Paul Misraki


May 1, 2020

Blaxploitation Month on The Kulturecast

Chris Stachiw had a Blaxploitation month on The Kulturecast before where he wasn't impressed. I offered to program a month of movies that would help put a smile on his face... and hopefully yours, too.

Truck Turner:


Black Belt Jones:

Three the Hard Way:


April 28, 2020

Episode 465: The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973)

Guest Co-Hosts: Jonathan Owen, Spencer Parsons

We wrap up Polish Month on the Projection Booth with a look at Wojciech Has's The Hourglass Sanatorium. Based on a 1937 book from , the 1973 film stars Jan Nowiki as Josef, a man who travels to the titular sanatorium to see his father who is somewhere between life and death. Things only get stranger from there.

Jonathan Owen and Spencer Parsons join Mike to discuss this unusual film.

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"Galgalim" - Cracow Klezmer Band


April 22, 2020

Episode 464: Goto, Island of Love (1964)

Guest Co-Hosts: Daniel Bird, Kat Ellinger

Polish month continues with a look at Walerian Borowczyk's Goto, Island of Love. Released in that magical year of 1969, the film tells the tale of a thief (Guy Saint-Jean) on the Island of Goto which is ruled over by Governor Goto III (Pierre Brasseur). After being pitted in armed combat and somehow surviving he is put in charge of the Governor’s dogs, boots, and the killing of flies.

Daniel Bird (Camera Obscura: The Walerian Borowczyk Collection) and Kat Ellinger join Mike to discuss Borowczyk's live action feature debut as well as his early shorts.

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"Concerto No 11 opus 7" - Georg Frideric Handel


April 21, 2020

Mike White March 2020

Chris Stachiw made the mistake of asking me to program March at The Kulturecast again. This year I went to a dark place, looking at a handful of foreign science fiction films.

Secrets of Steel City:
Listen to "The Secret of Steel City" on Spreaker.

O-Bi, O-Ba - The End of Civilization:
Listen to "O-Bi, O-Ba - The End of Civilization" on Spreaker.

Dead Man's Letters:
Listen to "Dead Man's Letters" on Spreaker.

Bunker Palace Hotel:
Listen to "Bunker Palace Hôtel" on Spreaker.

A Visitor to a Museum:
Listen to "A Visitor to a Museum" on Spreaker.