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May 31, 2023

Episode 630: Raising Arizona (1987)

Episode 630: Raising Arizona (1987) Special Guest: Joseph McBride
Guest Co-Hosts: Keith Gordon, Rob St. Mary

We wrap up a month of discussion around comedic film with one of the best, The Coen Brothers's second film, Raising Arizona (1987). It's the story of repeat offender H.I. McDunnough (Nicolas Cage) and his wife Ed (Holly Hunter ), a childless couple who steal one of the quintuplets from Nathan Arizona (Trey Wilson) and, hell, you know who he is.

Rob St. Mary and Keith Gordon join Mike to talk about the film while Professor Joseph McBride discusses his book, The Whole Durn Human Comedy: Life According to the Coen Brothers.

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1 comment:

  1. I recently enjoyed this movie for the umpteenth time last week so it was really serendipitous that you chose to review his film. I do find that Coen Brothers tend to age like fine wine. I'm on a Coen Bros' film jag and even later works like Hail Caesar (speaking of the kidnapping motif) keep rewarding subsequent viewings. I agree with fellow OG podcaster Mark Maron that Barton Fink and Hail Caesar would make a great bookend double-feature.

    Thanks for the fun podcast and cheers. There's that layer of sweetness at the very end of that film that gets me every time.