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January 4, 2023

Episode 605: Eyes Wide Shut Redux

Episode 605: Eyes Wide Shut Redux Special Guests: Nathan Abrams, Robert P. Kolker
Guest Co-Hosts: Matthew Asprey Gear, Rob St. Mary

On this special episode we’re revisiting a movie we talked about ten years ago, Eyes Wide Shut (1999). The final film from director Stanley Kubrick, we’re checking in on the film some 23 years after its release. We’ll be discussing the film, an interesting fan edit of the movie, and a 2019 book about the film from authors Robert P. Kolker and Nathan Abrams.

Matthew Asprey Gear and Rob St. Mary join Mike to reevaluate the film. 

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Our Earlier Episode:

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"Masked Ball (1999 Extended Mix)" - Jocelyn Pook (Backwards)


Eyes Wide Cut | Trailer from marshall allman on Vimeo.

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  1. Mike, I've enjoyed the re-review of Eyes Wide Shut. I'm pretty much in line with your original comments of 10 years ago. I found the movie insufferable and bloated. I was a long time reader of Stanley Kauffmann's reviews in The New Republic and they are now mostly on line at the magazine's website. For me Kauffmann is the best American film critic I've ever read. Kauffmann knew Kubrick but found the work after 2001 quite poor (I'm in agreement on that as well). Here is his take on Eyes Wide Shut: https://newrepublic.com/article/131189/kubrick-sadness