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September 7, 2022

Episode 586: The Night Porter (1974)

Episode 586: The Night Porter (1974) Special Guest: Gaetana Marrone
Guest Co-Hosts: Emma Westwood, Kat Ellinger

We’re looking at Liliana Cavani's The Night Porter (1974). Set in 1957 Vienna, Max Aldorfer (Dirk Bogard) is the titular night porter. When a conductor and his wife, Lucia (Charlotte Rampling) check in to Max's motel, he is thrown into a tizzy. He’s been living a quiet life and trying to stay under the radar as he’s a war criminal who has just been confronted with one of his victims... who was also his sex slave.

Professor Gaetana Marrone (author of The Gaze and the Labyrinth: The Cinema of Liliana Cavani) joins us to discuss Cavani's work while Emma Westwood and Kat Ellinger discuss the film.

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