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August 20, 2021

Special Report: Mad Dog Time (1996)

Special Guests: Larry Bishop, Dina Lipton
Guest Co-Hosts: Bryan Connolly, Andras Jones

On this special episode we’re looking at the 1996 film from writer/director/actor Larry Bishop, Mad Dog Time (AKA Trigger Happy). Released in the wake of Pulp Fiction, it’s something of a metaphysical gangster film with one of the most astounding casts ever put together.

The film stars Gabriel Byrne as Brass Balls Ben London, the man who’s been left in charge while his boss, Vic (Richard Dreyfuss) has been sent to the funny farm. Meanwhile, Mick (Jeff Goldblum) has Vic’s girl, Grace (Diane Lane) on ice.

Bryan Connolly and Andras Jones of The World is Wrong podcast join Mike to discuss this overlooked film. Filmmaker and Production Designer Dina Lipton discuss the making of Mad Dog Time.

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"Shame of Things to Come" - Max Frost & the Troopers
"C'est Si Bon" - Dean Martin
"My Way" - Paul Anka



  1. Siskel & Ebert's Worst of 1996 episode:

    They start talking MAD DOG around the 17min mark.

    Awaiting the Part II of this episode where you get second opinions from Yaniv Edelstein and Keith Gordon. Hearing your cohosts defend this as "Jewish"... I haven't wanted to *facepalm* this hard since Armond White praised the "Jewishness" of JACK & JILL. Your cohosts appear to share his high opinion of that... thing.

    ...word has it Michael Wincott was all primed for that ALIEN RESURRECTION interview until he learned this episode was in the works. ;)

  2. Thanks to one of the panelists for recommending '2 Days in the Valley.' That one was under my radar and I caught up with it on HBO last night. Extremely well done and James Spader is evil personified.

  3. "Scuzz" Movies, Vanity Fair, April 1998

    Live Fast, Die Young, and Leave a Big Stain by James Wolcott