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April 1, 2021

Special Report: Krimi Double Feature

Guest Co-Hosts: Nick Schlegel, Samm Deighan

On this special episode, Mike is joined by Prof. Nicholas Schlegel, author of the upcoming German Popular Cinema and The Krimi Phenomenon: Dark Eyes of London from Lexington Books, Rowman's academic imprint and Samm Deighan, author of the upcoming The Legacy of World War II in European Arthouse Cinema from McFarland Books to discuss Krimi films. These were a German subgenre of films based on the works of Edgar Wallace that were popular during the 1960s and paved the way for Italian Giallo films.

We're looking at The Dead Eyes of London and The Creature with the Blue Hand and how they fit in the larger Krimi world.

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"Dead Eyes of London" - Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats


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  1. Great episode. As a German born in 1970 I grew up with the Wallace movies on TV. Funnily enough I just wtached the 90s TV series for the first time just a few days ago. "Der Hexer" (The Ringer) is probably the most famous of all the movies, it became synonymous with Wallace films. But let me clearify something: here in Germany the term "Krimi" is by no means used to describe the Wallace "subgenre". They are Krimis, yes, but it is an umbrella term for absolutely all movies, TV series, novels, etc. of the crime genre. You could even call an exciting, suspenseful sports match a "Krimi". So if you ask a German about Krimis he would have no idea that you wanted to talk about the Wallace movies specifically. Regarding Christopher Lee: I just checked my DVD, and on Devil's Daffodil it is definitely Christopher Lees own voice, as is in the Red Orchid One. According to the DVD booklet they shot an english language version of Devil's Daffodil as well, with some of the lead actors swapped out. Maybe that is the version that Samm saw?