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January 29, 2019

Episode 401: F/X Murder by Illusion (1986)

Special Guests: Robert Mandel, Alan Ormsby, Cliff DeYoung
Guest Co-Hosts: Adam Schartoff, Jedidiah Ayres

Robert Mandel's F/X (1986) (AKA FX: Murder by Illusion) is the story of Rollie Taylor (Bryan Brown), a movie special effects man who is hired by two government agents (Cliff DeYoung & Mason Adams) to stage the public assassination of a mob boss (Jerry Orbach) who’s turned state's evidence. What better way to keep the mob off the tail than by “killing him”? But things don’t turn out as easy as that.

Jedidiah Ayres and Adam Schartoff join Mike to discuss F/X, its sequel, and the spin-off TV series.

Interviews on this episode include director Robert Mandel, writer and actor Cliff DeYoung.

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"Bust the Bust" - Bill Conti
"The Bombs" - Bill Conti
"Just an Illusion" - Imagination


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