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March 20, 2018

Episode 358: An American Carol (2008)

Special Guests: Myrna Sokoloff
Guest Co-Hosts: Mike Sullivan, Rob St. Mary

We’re looking at the Conservative comedy, An American Carol 2008. The child of Charles Dickens and Bill O'Reilly, the film tells the tale of Michael Malone -- a stand-in for filmmaker Michael Moore (Kevin P. Farley). He's a liberal know-nothing who’s inflamed hate against the Land that We Love and is visited by four ghosts -- well, three ghosts and a contemporary country singer -- to try and convince him to love country music and stop complaining about gun control, global warming, unjust wars, and other bleeding-heart liberal causes.

Directed by David Zucker (Airplane!, Top Secret), the film was co-written by , as a reaction to Hollywood intolerance.

Rob St. Mary returns to the show along with Mike Sullivan to discuss the film, satire, and falafels. This isn't a podcast, this is The Flintstones.

Note: The Thomas Jefferson joke is from Joe Machi.

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"American Idiot" - Richard Cheese
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  1. Love your podcast. I'm a conservative, and can think of one conservative friend who found this movie funny. I think he was pretty drunk though.
    About your theory? Yeah, no. You don't get it. We ARE being irreverent -- towards YOUR pieties. Your beliefs are the new Establishment, and we're anti. That you can't see that just proves our points.
    PS I have some bad news for you:

    1. I always thought they were more Libertarians than Republicans. But when you grow up in Colorado, who knows. :)

  2. Mike,

    Steven Bannon documentary? ✓
    American Carol? ✓

    Are you going to make this a trilogy by covering Alex's Jones' ENDGAME (2007) or one of his other documentaries from the aughts that had high profile fans like Megadeth's Dave Mustaine and RICHARD LINKLATER? Yes, Linklater gave out Jones' docmentary DVDs to Bruce Willis during the filming of FAST FOOD NATION. (https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Alex_Jones#Other_dubious_achievements)

    Allow me to emphasize that this is NOT A REQUEST!!! I'm just thinking out loud, haha. ("Who would be a natural successor to Bannon & Zucker?") In fact, I can't fathom what there would be to talk about. I tried watching ENDGAME and got tired after 20 minutes of Alex Jones standing outside a hotel conference yelling at Globalists who can't hear him.

    1. Managed to do a guest spot on GOD AWFUL MOVIES talking about a Dinesh D'Souza movie so there is that... ;)