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February 7, 2017

Episode 309: Puzzle of a Downfall Child (1970)

Special Guests: Jerry Schatzberg, Barry Primus
Guest Co-Hosts: Bill Ackerman, Daniel Kremer

Jerry Schatzberg's Puzzle of a Downfall Child (1970) stars Faye Dunaway as Lou Andreas Sand, a model who has been used up and discarded by the fashion industry. Her former photographer and lover, Aaron (Barry Primus) interviews Lou, allowing screenwriter to take the audience back and forth in a fracture time structure, allowing us to see the pieces of the puzzle that is Lou.

Bill Ackerman and Daniel Kremer join Mike to discuss this fascinating and once difficult-to-find film.

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Buy Sidney J. Furie: Life and Films by Daniel Kremer
Listen to Supporting Characters from Bill Ackerman
Listen to the Film Comment podcast on Puzzle of a Downfall Child
Read Bombast: Carole Eastman by Nick Pinkerton

"Re-Make/Re-Model" - Bryan Ferry
"The Model" - Kraftwert
"This Year's Girl" - Elvis Costello


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