November 24, 2021

Episode 548: Chameleon Street (1990)

Special Guests: Daniel Noga, Wendell B. Harris Jr.
Guest Co-Hosts: Jay Jackson, Jonathan Melville

#Noirvember 2021 continues with a look at Wendell B. Harris Jr.'s Chameleon Street (1990). After winning the Sundance film festival in 1990 the film took too long to come out theatrically and died a quick death after it did. It’s the story of Douglas Street played by Harris. He’s a man who goes from installing burglar alarms to extorting a Detroit Tiger to impersonating a doctor, student, lawyer, and more.

Jay Jackson and Jonathan Melville join Mike to discuss this thought-provoking film.

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Bonus: Interview with editor Matthew Mallison:
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"Street Chameleon" - Curtis MacDonald


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  1. Just got an email from The Criterion Channel. Chameleon Street will now be streaming there!!!