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September 15, 2016

Guest Spots: Columbo, Godzilla, & Film Threat

In the last few weeks, Mike's been a guest on a number of podcasts.

Small Screen Cinema

While the world waits for the marathon 8+ hour Columbo recording Mike made with Stuart "Feedback" Andrews a few years back, here's an episode of Small Screen Cinema wherein Mike discusses the two pilots of Columbo, the world's greatest TV detective:


On the Kulturecast, Mike talked about the battle of the behemoths, King Kong Vs. Godzilla along with Zach Wickwire, Chris Stachiw, and Sean Liang.

1201 Beyond

Mike was out stumping for Chris Gore's current Save Film Threat campaign on Josh Hadley's 1201 Beyond.

Check out the trailer for Film Threat Sucks:

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  1. you see right here is why I was turned off by Film Threat from around, I don't know, 1986. "The Worlds Greatest Film Magazine?" I know it's probably meant to be ironic, but the overall impression I got from Film Threat was the editors were very impressed with themselves, way above this dreck they were "discovering" and viewed the magazine as a vehicle to build filmmaking careers on. That impression has not changed.