July 14, 2015

Episode 227: The Limey (1999)

Special Guests: Mark Gallagher & Anthony Kaufman

We're looking at The Limey - the 1999 film from director Steven Soderbergh. The film tells the tale of Wilson (Terence Stamp) - a recently released career criminal from the U.K. who heads to L.A. to figure out what happened to his daughter, Jennifer. Along the way Wilson teams up with Eddie (Luis Guzmán) and Eliane (Leslie Ann Warren) as he seeks to get revenge from her former boyfriend, famous record producer Terry Valentine (Peter Fonda).

It's a tale of loss, revenge, the 1960s, and more.

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  1. It's funny listening to shows like the one on The Limey and getting a perspective that's so contrary to my own. In fact I'd be willing to wager that if the film came out during the late 60's-early 70's, while lots of people would have been familiar with Misters Fonda, Newman, Stamp and Dallessandro, it would have been Lesley Ann Warren who probably would have been the most recognizable and most iconic to most people. After all, she was Cinderella to a generation that was weaned on TV in the 60's and 70's as well as being Barbara Bain's replacement on Mission: Impossible. I grew up with Ms. Warren probably as my first Lust Object! In fact I still dig her and wish she'd turn up more often. Take a poll of folks around my age (54) and the male stars of The Limey wouldn't hold a candle to her!

    Otherwise, another fine episode of your podcast. looking forward to more tales of Neo-Noir and your fascinating analyses!

  2. Good work once again. "The Limey" has been one of my all-time favourites since I first rented it on VHS back in the day. The structure of the plot has always been of interest to me. I always felt that what we are watching is mostly Wilson's memories of the event of the last couple of days, but not conventional film flashbacks, but actual memories Wilson has of the events. We never remember things with crystal clarity, even soon after the events we are remembering. We jumble when what was said by who, or remember it slightly wrong. Out brains switch things and refine things around, and some stuff becomes very hazy. I think that's what we are seeing here, along with some of the actual vanilla plot playing out (or perhaps even other central character's memories as well?). A very effective way of doing flashback without giving away too much of the mysteries of the plot right away, I thought.

  3. "What I thought I was thinking about was something else ... "

    "The thing I don't understand is every motherfucking word you're saying."

    Oh, that's great stuff.