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February 29, 2012

Rob St. Mary Joins The Projection Booth Podcast

For Immediate Release:

February 29, 2012 - Detroit, MI - Filmmaker & journalist Rob St. Mary officially joins The Projection Booth podcast (http://projection-booth.com/) with the latest episode. Having previously participated in discussions about Peter Watkins's “Punishment Park,” Daniel Minahan's “Series 7: The Contenders,” Kinji Fukasaku's “Battle Royale,” and Harold P. Warren's “Manos: The Hands of Fate,” St. Mary officially joins the podcast with the special anniversary episode of the show on Frank Henenlotter's “Frankenhooker.”

"It's been a crazy year," says Projection Booth co-founder Mike White. "With more than sixty episodes under my belt, I can say that the show started big and has continued to just get bigger ever since." Indeed, The Projection Booth boasts and all-star roster of guests including Menahem Golan, Uwe Boll, John Waters, Monte Hellman, Miguel Ferrer, Nancy Allen, Keith Gordon, Patrick Warburton, and many more.

White promises that the show is just getting started and lays out plans for future dicussions of fantastic films like “Salo: 120 Days of Sodom,” “Freejack,” “Miami Blues,” “Silent Partner,” and “Zardoz.” "I'm incredibly excited about the ‘Raw Talent’ episode," White confides. "We're talking to the writer, director and star of this ground-breaking adult film. There aren't too many movies where Ron Jeremy gets in a karate fight. Only two come to mind."

"Before I was a part of the podcast, I was a fan," says St. Mary. "Mike has a great eye for underappreciated films and I hope I can return the favor." No stranger to cult films, St. Mary has been connecting people to great cinema past and present. St. Mary worked at what is considered the first video store in the nation, Thomas Video, and one of the better art house theatres in the Metro Detroit area, the Main Art Theatre. Before that, St. Mary made his own foray into filmmaking with a feature length documentary, “The Separation on State Street,” and an independent vampire/comedy, “Tainted” (available via Troma Entertainment).

Since 2001, St. Mary has been a radio news professional. During that time, he's been honored over two-dozen times for his feature and investigative work by statewide and national journalism organizations. Now, St. Mary is bringing his keen investigative spirit and sharp interview skills to The Projection Booth.

Started in March 2011, The Projection Booth is a weekly podcast with new episodes available every Wednesday via iTunes or Stitcher. The podcast is also syndicated via Jackalope Radio (http://jackaloperadio.com/) out of Kansas City, Missouri where it plays every Thursday at 7PM EST/6PM Central.

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  1. Here's hoping your upcoming ZARDOZ podcast will be actually worth a damn, unlike some of your 'associates' take on the movie... everyone else who talks about it decides that they'd rather be a comedian rather than actually talk about the film.

    1. Hey L. Rob,

      I do my best to have a good time with the films, but as a journalist - I've learned my research and getting it right is important.

      Any ideas on how to make the Projection Booth better - we are all ears!


      Rob St. Mary, Co-Host of "The Projection Booth"

  2. Yeah, I imagine we'll get a good laugh out of the red underwear but we'll actually do more than just be a couple of chuckleheads. I hope we do right by everyone, esp. the die hard Zardoz fans.