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October 28, 2011

Special Report: Last Action Hero Redux

Ding ding! The fight is back on!

Unable to let sleeping dogs lie, Mike and Mondo Justin get back in the ring with The Samurai from GGTMC and continue to duke it out about Last Action Hero. Also in the fray are user call-in comments. Get ready to rumble again!

Listen/Download Now:

Listen/Download to the Sequel:


  1. It is really fun to listen to how passionately you guys disagree about this movie.
    One last note to my take on the film- I'm the type that hates when a film or t.v. series uses the "it's all been a dream" card. To me that is the laziest writing cop-out that can be used. "Roseanne" t.v. series anyone?
    Nice use of "Dream On" at the closing. LOL!

    Am I the only person that leaves comments? lol.
    - Rustyn

  2. Sorry, Justin, I call bullshit. You can like a movie and know it's not good. I Iike Howard the Duck, but I know it's not a good movie. It's bad. It's poorly written, the jokes are mostly terrible, and the duck effects are very obvious and hard to accept. Just because you like something doesn't make it good. It just means YOU like it. I like lots of shitty movies. But I know they're shitty and sometimes their shortcomings are part of their charm. Sometimes, like with Last Action Hero, there's things I like about it, but as a whole it's not a good, well written, well directed, or paced film. We're not all precious little snow flakes and our opinions are not all equal. If it comes down to some dude on the internet who has no credentials(school, seen more movies than God and can prove it, a literate person with even a film school degree, etc) has a recommendation that contradicts someone else who has those credentials(respected critic or a filmmaker of great note), I'm not going with the precious snow flake. I'm going with Ebert or the filmmaker with proven track record.