October 20, 2013

Special Report: The Projection Booth App

It's that time! The Projection Booth application is ready to download!

Now available for Android phones and Kindle Fire, and iPad/iPhone.

"Computer Love" - Kraftwerk
"Hello Computer" - James Kochalka Superstar
"Put Your Hand on the Computer" - They Might Be Giants
"Computer Blue" - Prince

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  1. Downloaded the App from The App Store and look forward to checking it out - I really enjoyed the computer song compilation at the end of this podcast episode - some of them were familiar but not all of them...can you post a list of the songs you used to make it? Thanks again for all the hard work...

  2. Thank you! And thanks for the reminder. I just put the track listing on the episode. Meant to do that when I posted.

    - MW

    1. Great - thanks! That Kraftwerk track is such a classic - talk about seeing into the future...