March 7, 2013


Episode 69 of Podcrash with That Chris Gore features comedian Yoshi Obayashi, a discussion of Chris's porn collection, and not one but two episodes of The Projection Booth. The episode has clips from our interview with Chris from our Taking of Pelham 123 episode and when Chris co-hosted the Night Dreams episode.

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  1. Chris Gore was so restrained when you had him on the "Night Dreams" podcast. Here, He goes in 20 directions at once, just makes your head spin! Focus, Chris, Focus! Liked it when they discussed the Adult Film Industry (John Leslie). Your podcast did some very good porn related shows (Night Dreams, Raw Talent); You're overdue for some more podcasts on adult films, such as Cafe Flesh, or the Henry Paris/Randy Metzger films.

  2. Frank -- Thanks for the feedback! We did one on Paris/Metzger's Score about a year ago and we're doing A Scent of Heather and The Opening of Misty Beethoven in April. These will include an interview we did with Veronica Hart/Jane Hamilton.

    I did a recording on Cafe Flesh with Josh Hadley for a proposed new show. Not sure if that's going to happen or not. But, if not, I'd definitely like to do it for The Projection Booth. It's awesome.

    1. Mike, that's great news! Misty Beethoven is a favorite of mine, looking forward to it!

    2. If you ever want to know what's coming up for the next few months, we post "invites" to our shows via our Facebook group:

      That was my shameless plug for the day.